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Mining Microarray Data    
The amount of data for U133a, U133plus 2.0 and MOE430 2.0 has nearly tripled
in the last 3 years and 119,508 samples have now been added to the barcode database.
In addition, much of the data has been hand curated to identify more tissues and cell
types for each of the platforms. We have also added three new platforms.
Affy NameNew Platforms   Samples
Human 1.0 ST   GPL6244   10,309
Mouse 1.0 ST   GPL6246   10,505
U133a 2.0GPL571     8,528
Mining Microarray Data
We have added new tools to mine all of this data, gene-by-gene,
in addition to our global tools for studying the transcriptome.
Some examples of these new tools are shown below.
Breast Cancer Example
Bladder Cancer Example
CD4 Example


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We are working on a barcode for RNA-seq data! Please send us your suggestions for tools you would like to see
implemented in the next version of the Gene Expression Barcode.

The Barcode 3.0 paper has been published. Please view it here: McCall et al.,
"The Gene Expression Barcode 3.0: improved data processing and mining tools"
Nucleic Acids Research. 2014 Jan;42:D938-D943.

Barcode 3.0- See our new improvements!

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